Starsong (Ambience #1: Evening)

by Curtis Lyon



The first half of a dichotomized album: the cycle between evening and morning. Find the second half at


released November 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Curtis Lyon Muncie, Indiana

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Track Name: A Time Lapse Of The Night Sky, Part III
When I was a young boy like you, I remember sitting out on the porch with my grand-daddy. He'd tell my stories 'bout the war, and the depression that came afterwards. He'd tell me about how I was lucky to live how I was, about how he had to trudge the two mile walk to school through a foot of snow, uphill, both ways. He told a lot of stories. thought out loud too. How he wondered of we'd ever get a man on Mars and if my grandmother would've been sitting right next to him with a glass of tea. He missed her something fierce, lemme tell ya. I listened to him, yeah. I thought after sixty years of livin' i'd have something to show for it. But all I got now is you, kid. And I see now that it was never about the stories. It was about spending time with someone you hold close to you while gazing up at the infinite beauty of the night sky. Because that's what love is.